Lucky me

Migraines, numb hands, muscle spasms, blindness, incontinence, muscle weakness, depression, the MS hug. These are some of the symptoms associated with MS which I haven’t got, and this is why I sometimes feel guilty on social media talking about my symptoms. What it is, is MS has never stopped me doing what i want, working, exercising, socialising (drinking) so why does MS weigh heavy with me still? 

Well it dawned on me recently that when I wake up and my first thought of my day is-ooh numb toes, quickly followed by-oh yeah I’ve got MS, and I get reminders like that every hour of my waking life, but the thing is I see what other MSers are coping with and I decide to keep mum about my symptoms…. I’m tired compared to, you fell and split your head open and ended up in A&E, well poor old me, didums!

So when somebody says they admire me with how I cope with MS, I will graciously smile and quietly raise a glass of socialising to those with the  symptoms I have avoided.



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