Look at my invisible illness

December 31st 2014 I woke for the 1st time knowing I had MS, the following day and the 1st of 2015 I woke knowing I had MS and every day since it has been the same and it will be until someone discovers the magic pill we all crave.

And this blog isn’t about me expecting everyone I know to think about my illness 24 hours a day, that would be exceptionally selfish of me and unrealistic too, but my pain is always there, as is my fatigue and many other symptoms too, but  nobody can see this because all these symptoms are neurological and therefore invisible and to be honest if I hadn’t seen the lesions in my brain maybe I would still question my own illness too! 
But here I am 20 months into my MS life and I’ve worked out that outside of my house I get asked about my MS less than once a week by anyone, friend or family, which now that I think about it…..meehh.

I guess until I get a walking stick, foot drop, fall over I will always have a truly invisible illness and I will be seen as such.


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