Stop getting shot

If you’ve seen the film “Lock, stock and two smoking barrels” you’ll know the scene where the baddie says “will everybody stop getting shot”!  That’s how I am feeling right now, there just seems to be so many people getting shot down by MS and I feel like shouting “will everybody stop relapsing”! 

I won’t name names but my 2 favourite people on twitter have both disappeared from  twittrr and without actually knowing why I think the strain of relapsing and the constant battle with MS meant they found it easier to just disapear. MS is hard and I’m sure my fellow MSers will agree that if someone needs help we will be there for them.

So to anyone feeling the strain, just shout and don’t hide. Please.


I’m no superman

It’s amazing what Multiple Sclerosis can do to a person, a neurologist can tell you a lot of things about the affects, but there are many things only we experience.
I hope I am not alone in having that feeling of invincibility at certain points in my life, for example I believed that I was immune to the perils of smoking, so I smoked and smoked and smoked, and God I looked cool. I also wondered if a person could live forever just like the highlander and if so why not me, and this wasn’t just until the age of 6 or something but probably until the last 10 years or so. (I’m 45 by the way). I also chucked what I wanted down my throat (insert Sid James laugh) and ate a lot of garbage and drank an excessive amount of alcohol on a regular basis, as in I’d have a couple of days off the booze sometimes to regenerate my liver, yes I believed that too!
Now for some reason I got bored of smoking and took the scary 1st step of joining the NHS quit smoking club, and 3 years later I still haven’t put a fag in my mouth (Sid James laugh again). 

At this point I had an inkling I might have MS due to a few odd symptoms, so when I confided in a colleague, he reassured me by saying “if I had MS I’d kill myself”. In hindsight and a few internal bad thoughts towards my suicide guardian I wondered if he might have his own issues and maybe not the best person to turn to for moral support.

Invincibility now seems like a distant memory and believe taxes are 1 of the 2 inevitables and I do find myself watching what I eat, drink and not smoke, I surround myself with good vibes and people and plenty of David Bowie chooons. I don’t beat myself about work, avoid shouting at others on the M25 and I have forgiven southern rail, no really I have, no really I forgive you. 

As usual I don’t know how to finish my blog or summarise so I’ll just say what I said last time. 

Piers Morgan is still a @$”#.
PS. If you were wondering who Sid James is.