I’m no superman

It’s amazing what Multiple Sclerosis can do to a person, a neurologist can tell you a lot of things about the affects, but there are many things only we experience.
I hope I am not alone in having that feeling of invincibility at certain points in my life, for example I believed that I was immune to the perils of smoking, so I smoked and smoked and smoked, and God I looked cool. I also wondered if a person could live forever just like the highlander and if so why not me, and this wasn’t just until the age of 6 or something but probably until the last 10 years or so. (I’m 45 by the way). I also chucked what I wanted down my throat (insert Sid James laugh) and ate a lot of garbage and drank an excessive amount of alcohol on a regular basis, as in I’d have a couple of days off the booze sometimes to regenerate my liver, yes I believed that too!
Now for some reason I got bored of smoking and took the scary 1st step of joining the NHS quit smoking club, and 3 years later I still haven’t put a fag in my mouth (Sid James laugh again). 

At this point I had an inkling I might have MS due to a few odd symptoms, so when I confided in a colleague, he reassured me by saying “if I had MS I’d kill myself”. In hindsight and a few internal bad thoughts towards my suicide guardian I wondered if he might have his own issues and maybe not the best person to turn to for moral support.

Invincibility now seems like a distant memory and believe taxes are 1 of the 2 inevitables and I do find myself watching what I eat, drink and not smoke, I surround myself with good vibes and people and plenty of David Bowie chooons. I don’t beat myself about work, avoid shouting at others on the M25 and I have forgiven southern rail, no really I have, no really I forgive you. 

As usual I don’t know how to finish my blog or summarise so I’ll just say what I said last time. 

Piers Morgan is still a @$”#.
PS. If you were wondering who Sid James is.    https://youtu.be/gVrm6Qc6neM


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